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Hear My Story...

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As a young teenager and single mother, I looked for love in all the wrong places. I lost my identity and covered up because of fear and shame. When I realized that I was keeping the pain in by, covering up I made a conscious decision to be naked and not ashamed (transparent). I thought my past defined me but now I know and have and understanding that it was all apart of my history. We revisit history for answers and I can’t lead you to your true self if I don’t study the history and learn myself. There is so much that I didn’t know about myself but I wanted to know. So I willingly  took the journey for you and I , the one that’s not so favorable and I faced my fears one by one each time liberating myself from the invincible chains that I created within my mind that held me captive . Freedom is a choice and I made the choice to not only be free but for everyone connected to me to be free as well. My life journey and the struggles I’ve seen has inspired me to continue being naked and not ashamed because only then will I be able to be my TRUE SELF and Uncover the Treasure Within, and lead you to do the same!

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